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Welcome to the internet presence of one of Hyderabad's most successful real estate companies. Feel Free to browse through the content of the site about the company, its leaders, the services we offer, the projects and ventures that we have completed and ongoing and how to contact us.

We are a organisation par excellence when it comes to real estate matters. An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company with a combined work experience of more than a decade behind us, we offer services and ventures that are impeccable. At the same time we maintain a certain pride in setting new standards for professional and business ethics.

Before you buy or plan to invest in real estate, Ask yourself:

  • Are you aware of the latest trends in terms of pricing in that area?
  • Do you know if there is any risk associated with the venture?
  • Are you the one who is going to look after the progress?
  • Are legal and technical documents your daily affair?
  • Are you certain about the party that you are dealing with?

If the answer to any of these questions is No, then you need the services of a professional team of real estate consultants, who will make your home finding worries theirs.


Why Tanu Sree:

Because we have the 6 E's of Success!!!

  • Experience:Over 12 years combined experience is brought to the table, we know our real estate business.

  • Expertise:Without expertise, experience doesn't count for much. Our high level management have worked at managerial positions among the nations top real estate companies.

  • Endurance:We do not stop till we have done our job to the fullest satisfaction of our customers, and we have the endurance and the determination to do so.

  • Extensivity:There is no part of the real estate gamut that we do not cover. From that two bedroom flat to the villa of your dreams, we do it all.

  • Enterprise: Tanu Sree Homes has over 2000 satisfied clients, and they form the wealth of our enterprise.

  • Exclusive: We have exclusive deals for exclusive people like yourself. With associations with all major ventures we can get you the best deal.

In addition to these 6 E's we have a lot going for us like a dedicated customer response team, excellent after sales service, advisory panels etc., all in all - better be safe with us, than be sorry elsewhere.




Ln. TT Reddy     B Tech(Civil) MBA 

Managing Director

+919848156830        ttreddy@tanusreehomes.com



TT Reddy is an Civil Engineer by education and is also armed with a MBA in Marketing and Finance. He has more than 15 years of experience in real estate ventures. He has worked with many big and reputable property management companies in senior posts before starting out his own venture- Tanu Sree Homes. Astute knowledge about the real estate scenario, a decade of experience and a lifetime of expertise are  his fortes. He was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2006 and is a regular speaker at many real estate forums around the country. He is mainly responsible for the strategic and operational paradigms of the company.


2006 Entrepuner Award

Rahul Rajan Nair  

Director - Operations


Rahul Nair has over 10 years of experience in enterprise building, sales, marketing, public relations and CRM. Starting off his career in the year 2002 in the field of real estate he moved on to advertising and concept selling, Mr. Nair has over the years amassed expertise and experience in a wide array of fields pertaining to business development and high level  management. Knowledge based enterprise expansion has always been a keen part of his repertoire. Understandably, he handles operations, marketing, recruitment , advertising and technology related affairs of the company.



S Prashant Reddy   

 Projects Manager



Prashant Reddy started off his career in the mid 90's by being a part of the then newly opened field of mobile communication service providers. Over the years he has held a wide array of posts in various industries. He has been in the real estate scene since 2002, thus making it half a decade of experience in the field. Customer relations and satisfaction has always been on the forefront of his arsenal of skills. He handles all the project related matters of Tanu Sree Homes.


K Bhaskar Reddy    

 Land Acquisition Officer



An Ex-Civil contractor, Mr. Bhaskar Reddy has all the contacts in the civil and government land offices. From the onset to the start of marketing of any venture, he takes care of all the land and legal matters. From identifying a prospective parcel of land, development costs, legal documentation to the market price and evaluation of the property, Mr. Reddy does it all for Tanu Sree. Land speculation and future market analysis is his field of expertise.


Dr.G Venkata Ramana Ph D

Quality Control Manager



Mr. Venkat is close to the world record of having 21 degrees to his name, he has now 17 already and another 4 are in the making. A highly qualified engineer, he is presently the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering in a prestigious engineering college in Hyderabad. He has given presentations in the field of Civil Engineering in over 27 International/National conferences and symposiums, he is also a member of many prestigious technical committees and also the part of the Technical Expert Team for the ISO Certification Committee. He advises us on the projects civil and quality aspect.


Bhaskar Reddy  MCom MBA

Finance and Investment Manager



Mr. Reddy has been the financial consultant's financial consultant. From mutual funds to long term financial portfolio managements - Investments and returns on them are his forte. Real estate off late has turned into another good and appreciative source of returns and a major sink of investments, but with it all comes a risk. With his vast experience with finance and investments, we look to Mr. Reddy to analyze all our ventures and make sure that our investment and in turn your returns are assured.


Prabhakar K   BSc BEd  DBM 

 Advisory Panel Member


With over three decades of experience in sales and marketing behind him, today Mr. Prabhakar is one the leading exponents of Marketing Training and sales motivation in the country. Working a varied fields like Pharma, Hospitality, FMCG, Financial Services in various managerial posts, Mr. Prabhakar has been providing sales and management training sessions to all leading MNC and National Level companies. He is responsible to see that our marketing and sales team are both motivated and professionally ethical when it comes to their commitments.



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