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To buy or not to buy? When to buy, where to buy, from whom to buy, how much to buy for? The questions are many, confusing and nagging. Here are some pointers to help you make a wise realty decision.

Criteria for buying : What is those few most important criteria you just can’t do without? Identify them early to save time on (i) short listing the suitable property and (ii) bringing a deal to its conclusion.

Plan the perfect purchase : Focus on factors like financing, real estate service providers, paperwork involved and other legal and regulatory issues to avoid hitting the panic button and avoid bad surprises.

Identify & validate the dealer : Scour the Web, go through newspapers, realty magazines, discuss with friends and experts to zero in on a name. Then check the background of the dealer through various sources viz portfolio built, property owners he has already dealt with. Approaching property transactions through a reliable intermediary can help you gain access to preferential rates from developers and builders and be free from the legal & other document processing hassles.

Approve the location : Make sure the suggested property is in the vicinity of educational, shopping, entertainment, medical zones. Good road connectivity, nearness to police station and travel terminals are important. Good ventilation, plenty of water, lesser noise and environmental pollution levels are attractive incentives. An educated and cultured neighborhood is a plus.

Understand land valuation : Gain personal understanding of the land value system, government rates, going rates and also focus on its long-term market value potential.

Figure out the financials : Have a clear picture of your budget, limitations and the extent to which it can be supplemented or stretched through housing loans etc. Run a search on which banks offer favorable terms and approach the most pocket-friendly one. The rule of the thumb while taking a home loan is ‘The longer the tenure, the more you pay in interest and the lesser is your monthly installment. Intelligence is in investing in a plot of land rather than an apartment which yields limited returns.

Know Govt. policies & other legalities : Knowledge of various development authority demarcations, restrictions, legalities and new regulations as well as the city development plans and proposals will be extremely handy in making an informed choice.

Meet legal requirements : Appoint a solicitor to inspect the original title deeds. A safety measure against post-purchase claims is to issue a public notice of the intended purchase. Though it doesn’t legally ensure ownership on the title, any claims or objections to occupation of property will come to light before it is too long to deal with them.

Check the history : Ascertain facts about the origin of the property, continuous flow of title and present status. Inspect the nature of any claims, court litigations, government acquisition proceedings, zonal regulations and other subsisting charges on it. Verify all the original documents pertaining to the title deed to make sure that the immovable property is free from mortgages through deposit of title or other charges created therein.

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