Real Estate Consulting

One of the main concerns today in the real estate market is the lack of specialist consultants willing to deliver your professional results over a time bound schedule.

Another problem is the lack of transparency in the dealings when there is an agent involved. Many a deal turns sour because of the presence of an agent who does not do his job. Most agents in today's day and time would not know much about the intricacies involved in closing a deal or for that matter identifying the right property to suit the buyer's need as well as finding the ideal tenant or buyer for the seller of the property. This situation is due to the lack of exposure of agents to real hands on experience in the field of real estate.

We at Tanu Sree with all our years of experience and expertise, have exclusive tie-ups with the major builders and construction companies to get you the best rate possible for the home that you are looking for. Similarly since we have an extensive databank of clients and customers we can sell that piece of property that you want to be sold to the ideal buyer. All the while we shall be maintaining transparent work processes as well as setting standards of work and professional ethics that are somewhat lacking in the real estate consultancy scenario. This makes TanuSree Homes the best real estate consultants in Hyderabad

Further we also would provide you legal and technical assistance to verify the documents as well as appoint a valuer at your request to set and ascertain the correct price. Also since we are looking for a long term association with all our customers we also are willing to provide value added services like document assessment, land valuation etc at a very minimal cost to our existing customers.

So next time you are looking to buy a house and you do not know whom to consult, or you are looking to sell a property but are not able to source a buyer, give us a call. We would take it upon us as a responsibility to do it for you. As at Tanu Sree - The Customer is Always First.

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